Friday, December 7, 2018


Dear First Grade Families, 

December is a month of celebrations in our country and abroad.  In almost every home families are preparing special foods, decorating, entertaining, attending religious services, and participating in family, cultural, or religious traditions. As a first grade team, we have developed a homework activity that connects our discussions of families and traditions, and builds on children’s pride and enthusiasm.  
We would like each child to make a simple poster illustrating a special tradition in his or her family. The poster should include some statement such as: 
         “A tradition in my family is....” 

Examples from past years include such things as:  a family trip to grandparents, a regular 4th of July family reunion, parent/child breakfast at Mel’s, birthday celebrations , Passover, Christmas, baking cookies, having a special cousin over, Friday movie and pizza night, etc. 
Any family tradition that your child participates in and would enjoy sharing is a good topic for the poster. 
The goals of the homework are: 
•To affirm the strengths of cultural diversity and discover parallel experiences. 
•To nurture students’ self esteem and ethnic pride. 
•To encourage awareness and appreciation of many cultures and ways of life. 

The posters should be sent in to school by Monday, December 17th, so that the children can share them with their classmates. Please make this a simple and fun activity that you can share with your child. We know this is a busy time for families. Please keep the posters no larger than 12” by 18”, so we have room to display them all.

We are confident that this unit is a wonderful way for children to develop new insights and respect for the rich diversity of their friends, classmates, and other cultures. 


Deede Bergeron
Laura O’Brien
Lise Wieg 

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