Friday, December 7, 2018

November and December Update

November and December have been full of facts and fun. 

We have been learning about our national holidays with videos, books and magazine articles. We have read and talked about Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving. We will continue with this unit as each new holiday approaches. This has lead up to our unit on Traditions. The children have learned that there are national traditions, religious traditions, cultural traditions and family traditions. We are reading from the book Family Traditions by Gretchen Super as well as reading stories about individual traditions. So far we have read:
Owl Moonby Jane Yolen
Pablo’s Treeby Pat Mora
Dumpling Soupby Jama Kim Rattigan
The Relatives Cameby Cynthia Rylant
Hanukkahby Miriam Nerlove
Ravi’s Diwali Surpriseby Anisha Kacker

We will continue reading books about traditions throughout the month. We will also be sharing our own tradition posters.

Deborah Pellerin, a reading specialist at Happy Hollow School, was a mystery reader in our class. She read the book Jessica and Rescue,a book about a young girl who has two prosthetic legs and her dog, Rescue, who helps her. We will be part of an on-line conversation with the authors Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes next Tuesday. The illustrator, Scott Magoon will be visiting our school later in the year as well. 

Our class also read, The Day You Beginby Jaqueline Woodson. We are going to watch an interview by Ms. Woodson on-line as well. Listening to the authors’ reasons for writing their stories as well as learning about their real life stories increases children’s 
comprehension and enjoyment of the text.

Both of these books are in the Happy Hollow Community Book stop. Parents and children are welcome to borrow a book from the Book Stop and read it with their families. There is a simple sign out procedure. Once you read the book return it so others can enjoy it as well.

SCIENCE: The children are turning into meteorologist. They are checking the weather several times a week and recording it in their weather journals. We will begin discussing the movement of the sun from east to west in the sky and the length of daylight as well.

NON-FICTION READING: We have been discussing the features of non-fiction books and how they help us gather information. We are reading non-fiction books and magazines and will continue to focus on this genre throughout December. We will discuss folktales and fairytales in January and then return to non-fiction later in the year. The children will be writing their own non-fiction books and folktales as well.

MATH: We are building math fluency by practicing our combinations of 10, double and doubles plus one math facts. We are using these number facts to help us solve addition and subtraction story problems. We have been working on story problems with a missing addend and the children are working on ways to show their math thinking. Here is an example of the type of problem they are solving.

Joe had 12 trucks. He gave some away and now he has 6 trucks. How many trucks did he give away? Show your thinking with a picture and number bond.  Then write a math equation that matches the story.

SPLASH MATH: The children are learning how to log on and use Splash Math. It is a math program that provides practice in most of the first grade math curriculum. A notice is being sent home today with instructions on how to access Splash Math. Feel free to use this program at home with your children.

Here are the general instructions on how to access Splash Math.
·     Username: wps then the child’s lunch code
·     Password: child’s lunch code only

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

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