Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spring Has Sprung in Room 1

Just as we finished our last pancakes...

The frog eggs arrived!!!
That is always the sure sign of spring in Room 1.

The children are making daily observations as they witness this clump of frog eggs called frog spawn develop into tiny wood frogs over the next several weeks. 

The embryos are already eating through the jelly and coming out as tiny tadpoles. They are eating the clear jelly around the eggs as their first food. We will be feeding them boiled lettuce very soon. 

We have been learning about ponds as a common habitat for frogs. The children made a classroom mural with some of the animals, plants, insects and fish found in the pond. They will be writing about why ponds are a good habitat for frogs.

Frogs will be the topic of much of our non-fiction writing over the next several weeks. We will also explore some poetry that uses science as the basis for the poems. We will be reading Doug Florian's collections of poems, Lizards, Frogs and Polliwogs, and the Joyce Sidman's book, Songs of the Water Boatman.

Classroom Garden:

We planted marigolds seeds this week and we are watering in them in the classroom. When they sprout we will transfer them to the school garden. We will have a small classroom garden in the Happy Hollow garden and we will be planting lettuce, beans and carrots. We will plant these seeds directly into the garden later this week.


We introduced vowel combinations in our Fundations program last week and this week. The children have been introduced to ai, ay, ee, ea, ey, oi and oy. We have also added to our trick word list and I have included an updated list for you to use at home. When your child is writing it's a good idea to have them check the trick word list to make sure they are spelling those common words correctly.


We are still working on place value and coins. Making a coin collection and identifying the coins and their values is a great way to support your child's math progress. Looking at the coins closely and identifying the important people, landmarks and symbols on the coins are a great way to combine math and a bit of American history. 

We have a packed week as we head into April vacation and we wish everyone a fun and safe break.

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